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About Fatmata Jalloh Books

Welcome! We aim to create diverse children's books that will make you want to cuddle up with your little ones for story time. Added bonus, proceeds from My Beautiful Son will be donated to great causes (see mission section). We hope you explore our webpage to learn more about our books and mission. Peace and love everyone! 

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Reviews of My Beautiful Son 

This is such a sweet book about a mother’s loving and heartfelt message to her child. The book extends a message that so many parents share for their children. The author wrote the book for her precious son, but it is also a story for children everywhere. It’s a story with a message of hope, love, joy, and endless, beautiful possibilities for every boy and girl. Share this book with your child!

This is a lovely children's book for parents and young children.
It articulates simply the common story of all parents: joy, hope, aspiration and parental anxiety as they watch their children grow.

A lovely gift for both parents and children.

Yogissima - UK Amazon review 

Rarely you find books representing black family as whole, especially one that’s so uplifting and positive as such. You definitely can feel the love poured into the book towards the author’s son. Words that will one day inspire him and have him look back for encouragement- very much needed in our community. I strongly recommend this book, you’ll not regret it.

Mar - US Amazon Review 

Ashley - US Amazon Review 

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