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About Us

- Fatmata Jalloh , Author -
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I am a mother and lover of the outdoors! I was born and raised in Sierra Leone and Liberia. In addition to being an author, I am a nurse practitioner and business owner! My son has been the greatest inspiration of my life.  Because of him, I have been motivated to write children's book with characters that he (and kids like him)  can connect with.  My Beautiful Son is based on my hopes for  Saj (my son) and toddlers that look like him . I am currently writing a children's book about our fun adventures in Alaska, since Saj was born in Alaska on a military base. 

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- Saj Jalloh , The inspiration  -

Saj Jalloh  was born in 2018, and since then he has inspired his mother to make the world a slightly better place for him. 

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